Week 2 Yoga Teacher Training – Rishikesh India

It has been a tough week. I left home expecting up and downs considering the body hasn’t experienced Yoga before but I didn’t expect so many humps (the camels here are huge… 😛 ) The body was really rebelling on Monday and Tuesday and if I could have run away I would have. This experience cemented my belief that immersion training, away from home, is so important. If I’d had the opportunity to quit, it’s possible I would have and then I would have missed the most amazing experience and awakening on Wednesday and Thursday. But more on this down the track.

The commitment I make, for the benefit of all who attend our certification trainings, is that they will be held on Yorke Peninsula or in a full residential environment. This gives everyone the opportunity to focus on themselves, their learnings, their integration and their growth without other distractions or opportunities to run away from what they need to face. Sometimes that is logistically difficult but I guarantee you it is worth it.

Interestingly, the Sanskrit recommended Learning attributes for students to get the most learning from trainings or teachings are:

  1. have active eyes – watch the teacher not writing all the time.
  2. focus your concentration on the teachings and if mind wanders bring it back quickly.
  3. Get plenty of sleep
  4. eat only so your stomache is half full
  5. be far away from home

Okay, so now to continue from last week and talk about our 7 main Chakras, the issues that can be experienced if they are weak and practices to “open” the Chakras as taught in Yoga Philosophy.

The five elements, our senses and sense organs are also linked to the Chakras. I have represented the information in the table below.





Sense Organs

Chakra Chant

(to balance or open)



Perineum Earth Smell Nose Lam


Coccyx Water Taste Tongue Vam


Opposite Naval Fire See Eyes Ram


Behind Heart near Vertebrae Column Air Touch Skin Yam


Behind vocal chords near spine Ether/Space Hear Ear Ham


Between eyebrows Mind Mind Mind Om


Between Left & Right Brain Parietal Region Infinite Infinite Infinite Om

Proper and unrestricted flow of energy through your Chakras is necessary for your physical, mental and emotional good health. If your Chakras are not functioning properly, your associated bodily organs and systems will deteriorate and become functionally impaired.

To a large extent, the energetic flow through your Chakras is determined by your mental state. When you hold fears, negative emotions and misconceptions, it can impede and even reverse the flow of energy. By skillfully working with your Chakras, you can reintroduce a full and healthy flow. The real challenge for you involves identifying the blockages and misconceptions

This is where NLP, Time Line Therapy(TM), and Hypnosis come to the fore. Rather than taking years to open these Chakras with Yoga, meditations, diets etc, the opening starts with the first introduction to the above techniques because they are designed to bring to consciousness the blockages and limitations and also to release them in a matter of minutes rather than years.

Some of the issues each chakra is responsible for if weak or blocked:

Muladhara or Root Chakra:

Governs the immune system; skeletal system; and lower digestive tract.

Issues if weak or blocked: Too thin, too fat, wrong body shape & BMI; Low immunity; improper excretion (IBS, constipation or haemorrhoids); deficiency of iron and/or calcium; low confidence; poor balance; lower back pain or sciatica; foot knee and leg problems. Flighy, fearful, feeling of not belonging anywhere, weak constitution or overly practical.

These issues are caused by negative attributes like: fear, prejudice, blind faith, hatred, intolerance, impatience and greed.

Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra: sanskrit meaning – Commander of Self.

Governs all liquid elements – blood, mucus, lymph, urine, saliva; womb; genitals; kidney and bladder. Centre of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy and connection. Reproductive systems.

Issues if weak or blocked: Problems with genital organs; sexual perversions; suppressed or unfulfilled desires; mental illness; manipulative and devious. Emotionally cold; difficulty changing; difficulty experiencing joy; holds back or hyper-emotional; problems with reproductive and urinary systems.

These issues are caused by negative attributes like: Lust, betrayal, jealousy, envy, guilt.

Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra:

Governs self esteem; willpower; self discipline; personal power; digestive system and muscles; confidence.

Issues if weak or blocked: poor or improper digestion; diabetes; adrenals; allergies; hypertension; fatigue; poor influencing skills; poor motivation; very dull (without fire in belly); lack of confidence; difficulty manifesting desires; lack of self-esteem; or misuse of power;

These issues are caused by negative attributes like: anger; rage; bitterness; resentment; shame.

Anahata or Heart Chakra:

Governs Heart, lungs, circulatory system, arms, hands; thymus; breasts.. Love & Compassion.

Issues if weak or blocked: problems with heart or lungs; asthma; pneumonia; chronic bronchitis, unresolved sorrow; breast issues; loneliness; lack of emotional fulfilment and difficulty accepting or giving love; lack of compassion; unhealthy relationships; loving too much.

These issues are caused by negative attributes like: jealousy (of other people); hatred, violence, despair, poor boundaries, lack of empathy.

Vishuddhi or Throat Chakra:

Governs Throat; neck; shoulders; thyroid; voice; mouth, teeth, gums; esophagus; ears. Also gives wisdom and good intellect.

Issues if weak or blocked: inability to communicate ideas; problems with self-expression; problems with creativity; inconsistent communication; manipulative; deceptive of self or others; problems with neck, shoulders or thyroid. Stammer/Stutter; only speaks softly. Sore throat; ear infections; swollen glands; laryngitis; deafness.

These issues are caused by negative attributes like: criticism; fear of speaking; blaming; not taking responsibility; dishonesty or lying.

Ajna or Third Eye Chakra:

Governs Eyes; sinuses; nose; face and brain and pituatary gland. Insight; Intuition; perception; mind development.

Issues if weak or blocked: Brain tumours; strokes; blindness and other eye problems; migraine headaches; confusion; difficulty concentrating; poor memory; poor vision.

These issues are caused by negative attributes like: denial; judgemental; “not seeing”.

Sahashrara or Crown Chakra:

Governs Nervous System; brain; top of the head – midline above the ears; pineal gland.

Issues if weak or blocked: Lack of understanding; confusion; learning difficulties; chronic exhaustion (not physical); lack of purpose; loss of meaning or identity; spiritual addiction or denial of spirituality.

These issues are caused by negative atrributes like: irrational; selfishness; narrow mindedness; lack of belief in self or inflated belief of self; ego-ism; no common sense; difficulty with finishing things; confusion; delusional; grandiose.

Blocked chakras coincide with certain psychological issues…..unblocking chakras often provides a great deal of emotional healing and spiritual healing for the patient, and prevents physical dis-ease too. From Chios Healing Level II Manual.

By clearing these energetic blockages you can achieve deeper health.

A lot of Yoga meditation, Yoga and ancient practices work on opening and/or balancing these energy centres, the chakras, with everything they do so the energy can flow effortlessly to all the organs that each chakra governs. All the organs must be in good working order for the body and mind to be healthy. When the chakras are balanced, the whole body works in harmony and we feel elevated, energised and whole.

During the course of this training I have met people from all over the globe and most have been doing yoga for years. Yes it’s true, nobody here is at my level of flexibility 🙂 🙂 Anyway, during the course of getting to know each other, what we do, and our reason for being here, it was obvious that many were still searching for that “thing” that would ease their emotional pain and personal fears. They were all keen to work with me to release negative emotions and to learn about Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy(TM) and Hypnosis.

I have secured a room to use as my office and already the shifts being experienced are phenomonal, and I’m only doing quick interventions using these techniques.

The Philosophy of Yoga is fantastic because it is along the same lines as what we teach : take responsibility for your life and where it’sat because you have created it; become self aware; control your thoughts and your senses; believe in yourself and your capabilities; extend yourself; release your burdens; don’t believe everything you believe; nothing stops you except you and continue growing your knowledge and wisdom and sharing it with the world and humanity.

The difference in using NLP & Time Line Therapy(TM) is, in two lunch time sessions, I have had the opportunity to help a young girl in her 20s to change her life. Yoga would very possibly get her there, eventually, but in how many years? She had been waiting long enough! I know I sound biased because it is my passion but, time and time again, the results simply speak for themselves.

I firmly believe that everyone should learn NLP & Time Line Therapy(TM) if you really want to make a significant impact in your life and then also learn/do Yoga to continue maintenance of the mind body connection.

If you are interested in learning a little more about NLP or Time Line Therapy(TM) invest some time on 17-18 March 2018 and attend our Release Your Limitations and Step into Your Greatness Seminar being held in Adelaide CBD. To register visit www.designyourlifeseminars.com.au/release-your-limitations/ use the code actiontaker (all in lower case) to access the special pricing with is only available until I get back onto Oz soil on 8th February.

That’s all for this week if you have any questions about this blog or want more information please mention it in the comments or send an email to [email protected]. Until then…

Be your own light.



PS – It’s week 3 and we have started learning about Ayurveda. Stay tuned 🙂