NLP Practitioner Training

Testimonials from students who had attended the internationally accredited NLP four certification training with Inspire & Inform delivered by lead trainer Cherry Farrow
Testimonials from Participants at the Inspire & Inform NLP Practitioner 4 certification training held in Yorketown on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.
What attendees had to say after their NLP Practitioner 4 certification training with Inspire & Inform and lead trainer Cherry Farrow.
I wasn’t happy with where I was and was not able to see my way forward. My biggest fear was what ‘crap’ would come up and I would end up in a mess. I was able to clear the ‘stuff’ and I feel amazing! My favourite part was the healing and the space to heal, the learnings I took and the tools I can now use. Everyone needs to just do this training. You will not regret it. It’s life changing and the trainers are amazing, generous people. Look out world, here I come!
Wendy A

Prior to this training it felt like I was falling apart, blaming others and lost on a ferris wheel with no way to get off. I was fearful of facing my embarrassment, feeling ashamed and being honest. Now, I feel amazing! I met new people, learned techniques and watched and witnessed all trainees step into our inner potential. Inspire & Inform were my lifeline. They opened my eyes to my life and my inner potential. They assisted in finding, understanding the way I feel and what I believe. I learned so much about myself and how wonderful I am. I found my inner strength that I can use in everyday life. I released my limitations, understood what I thought were boundaries, and smashed them anyway. I now have the tools and resources to help myself and help others to know how amazing you are and life is fantastic. Only you can create your future. My NOW and FUTURE is sensational!
Belinda H

I had done this training 3 years ago and knew that I needed to reinforce things I had learned then. I heard things the second time around that I had deleted before! I will always be so grateful I came again. I removed many limiting decisions and no longer will I listen to my self talk. The Agreement Frame is fabulous and I will use this when getting my point of view across in a succinct way. Awesome training!
Robyn T

I was fascinated by the unconscious mind and its power and I wanted to know more about it. My main concern before the training was leaving my family for a week. How would they survive? HaHa, I’ve now realised how good it is for me and them to have me give up control!

It’s hard to pinpoint a favourite part of the training; I had so many light bulb moments, and so many realisations. I now feel so empowered and know that I can do absolutely anything I want to! I’m certain that with my new found perspective all my relationships will change for the better. I have respect for other people’s models of the world.

You need to just DO IT! It will change your life. Every aspect of your life will be enriched. Thank you Inspire & Inform.

Sally B

I wanted to be more congruent with myself and others. I wanted to be a better communicator and to become more balanced within myself. I did the 2 day Release Your Limitations seminar in Adelaide with my wife and felt great with the information that I was receiving.

I enrolled into the NLP Practitioner. The whole course was fantastic and life changing. I liked Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Parts Integration, Anchoring and Swish Pattern as they are fast procedures with fantastic results. I am continuing onto my Master Practitioner training later this year.

It is fantastic – ‘change your life and how you live it’.

Steve H

I was coming to a point in my life where I felt stuck and without purpose. Before hiring Inspire & Inform I had the fear of having to ‘go through the motions’ and not really buying into the authenticity of what was being presented.

It’s difficult to choose a favourite part of the training as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of it. I enjoyed the hypnosis section as it felt physically pleasant and relaxing. 
This has without doubt been one of the most momentous weeks of my entire life. There are too many light bulb moments to mention and now, for the first time in almost 50 years, I’m genuinely looking forward to the future The simple but incredibly profound things I’ve learned during the week have changed my life forever and I’m committed to continuing to grow my understanding so that I can make a similar positive difference in the lives of others. It’s impossible to attach a monetary value to what this experience has meant to me there isn’t that much money in the world.

I am now continuing on with Master Practitioner – life changing and mind blowing!

Paul T

I had been struggling with confidence and self doubt despite a successful career and marriage. I needed to be able to focus on my growth. My biggest fear before coming was that I would not be able to meet the expectations of this training however I am amazed at how I ‘smashed’ it. The camaraderie of the fellow trainees and the support of the trainers maks it hard to name a favourite part of the training. I really think Time Line Therapy would be the high point. It was just life changing! Don’t hesitate, this training will change your future.
Linda K

I used to find it difficult pursuing and committing to romantic relationships. I played the ‘effect’ side of the equations during relationships. My fear before attending was that I would be stuck in a cycle of dating/sabotage/search/frustration etc. During the 7 days of training I have decided to give a relationship a go with a beautiful man I have been afraid to commit to. I enjoyed the practice sessions every morning and the fact they integrated the theory side with real life situations. I didn’t realise how therapeutic this week would be for me. I just love the way Cherry delivers her teachings, as well, she is very engaging. This training will change your life! It will show you how powerful you are and how to take off the shit covered glasses to see how beautiful and clear your life can be.
Lisa I

I had a strong feeling that something was blocking me for moving forward with my life. I wanted to see my future. My biggest fear was that it wouldn’t work for me. I now believe that what I have done with you is life changing and I am now going on to do Master Practitioner. My favourite part was meeting my unconscious mind! Seeing the dancing spider and flashing strobe lights during phobia removal was amazing. NLP Practitioner training was a life changing experience. I would recommend doing any training with Inspire & Inform. You can start small to test if it’s right for you.

Angela C

I was stuck in events of my past and was keenly aware that it was affecting every part of my life. I didn’t connect with family, friends, even at work. I was only there part of the time in my head. My body and wellbeing was in a state! I asked myself what else I could do as counselling wasn’t doing it for me. I just needed an experience that made sense and this does.

My biggest fear was that I would just show up and go through the motions and it would just be another certificate piece of paper. Not only did that show up as false, I got such a profound open and joyous experience.

I loved all the practical work that I could do in a way that worked for me. I loved the interaction with the other students and trainers. Best part was learning to release my Limiting Beliefs.
Do this if you want more connections, communication, understanding and practical tools to get that in your life. If you want a genuine conversation with yourself and others this course and this company delivers!

Rachel W

My physical and mental health motivated me to do this training. My fear was being singled out and focussed on. I just wanted to come and learn and just feel good and take in everything I could before I went home. Safe to say, that didn’t happen but I was very aware that it could have as I learnt I had to feel and enjoy it enough to play 100%. When I felt safe enough I did – “SUPER, HUGE, MAMMOTH!”

My favourite part was that ‘AH AH Moment’

Cherry, Karen and Pam at Inspire & Inform offer a fabulous course. It’s a modality that reframes your thought processes. It’s something I will absolutely love to revisit and repeat – it was that good.

Cate K

I had generalised stress, anger, frustration and recognition of fear in my life. My biggest fear on deciding to attend this training was that I would feel exposed and judged for my life decision. It didn’t come true. I felt safe, secure, loved and accepted for who I am as a divine human being.

Learning hypnosis and how to utilise hypnotic and suggestive language in general conversation was fantastic. I can now use this in my self-talk to have that amazing feeling of calm and ‘centredness’ whenever I need. Anchoring all the amazing ‘belly laughs’ – especially from the ‘stage show’ was awesome, I haven’t laughed that hard in 20 years!

This has been a life changing experience! NLP is safe and gentle and the training leaves you with the confidence to live life to the full. Put simply the learning experience I have ever had!


Life wasn’t going the way I wanted and I was feeling blocked. I knew there was something wrong with me inside and felt limited. My biggest fear was sharing a house with others that I didn’t know, let alone sharing and releasing my ‘stuff’. My favourite part of the training was the feedback without judgement and the very interactive training. I made amazing new friends and I am not carrying my burden anymore. I now have a more positive outlook on my life. I took a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo of myself and the change in me on the outside is amazing. This has been the best decision and investment I have ever made!
Kerrie H

I was fed up with the same situation over and over again. I needed to seek information and insight and find a direction in my life. Prior to the training I was fearful of not getting through the ‘shit’ to find the root cause. The Parts Integration was my favourite part of training, it was of huge value to me personally. This training is so empowering. It was very comforting, very challenging but I was fed up with the old grind, the repeated patterns, and prepared to do the work. It is very empowering!
Lyn T

I wanted to be able to communicate better with my children and use these strategies to help carers within the Fostering System to help the kids in their care, to make change. I also wanted to work on myself so I can be a good role model for my children. My biggest fear before attending the training was being vulnerable and opening up in a group situation in fear of judgement. We all came with our own stuff from all different walks of life yet we all connected so well. I have made connections with like minded people. It was such a supportive learning environment. In addition to this I was able to release emotions and limiting beliefs that no longer serve me. I feel I can walk away from here with a ‘spring in my step’ ready to deal with any challenges that come my way, in a healthier way.

My favourite part of training was Parts Integration. I absolutely loved the process and the feeling I got when my hands connected and went to my chest, it was exhilarating!

I have already recommended Inspire & Inform to two friends and couple of people in the fostering system. The friends have signed up for the June Release Your Limitations Seminar. I said it was a good personal development program. It’s a life changing experience. With the many useful strategies and tools taught, you can make positive changes within your life. It can be used in many areas such as the workplace and business as well as in your personal life.

Chantelle K

I needed to see how far I could push myself to really understand my full potential. I will now live out my awesome life with full conscious awareness.
My biggest fear when signing up for this training was ‘are they just in this for the $s’ and ‘do they really care enough to be raw and truly correct’.

The result could not be further from my ‘mind read’. This is the most genuine and life changing experience I will learn from for life.
My favourite part was being allowed to ask whatever I was curious about without feeling as though I was annoying the trainers and others. TLT, Parts and hypnosis specifically are ‘techniques’ that I see profound results from (and love). Master Practitioner training here I come!

Give yourself permission to get to know yourself at a level that most people fear to understand. Every area of your life will see profound changes if you are open minded enough to value your life and the current limitation YOU put on achieving.

Tania D

I had hit a point where I could not figure out on my own how to get around the problems I could see and that I knew were occurring. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t get to the training or I would not be able to stay. I did not let anything stop me!

My favourites were Time Line Therapy and hypnosis. Very transformational and fine tuned strengths I never knew I had – until now!

I would recommend something I thought would be a waste of money – Nooooo

Go do the training now!

Niccy C

Release Your Limitations Seminars

My favourite part of the training was the NLP, the flow and balance of the theory and practical application and practice was great. I wanted to do this seminar to help me get organised, develop tools to better deal with distractions and road blocks that delay me achieving my goals. After speaking with Cherry at the Health & Wellbeing Expo, I decided to attend It met all my needs, I removed those roadblocks in my mind. I gained an understanding of how important it is to use the right words and how I phrase Things. Loved it all.

Marty H

The best bit about the seminar was the simple principles applied to get the best results. I came along mainly for personal development and to help deal with my motion sickness. Cherry Farrow showed me ways to change. I now feel more positive, confident and motivated for the future.

Julie D

Even though I struggled with the concept initially, the Timeline sessions were very beneficial. The thing I liked most was how positive the seminar was. It was a safe environment and the benefits can begin immediately – its up to me! I had heard about the seminar from several people and due to my changing life situation I decided to attend. I am now very positive about my future.

Peter R

The sheer knowledge gained from this seminar is amazing, simple and easy to understand at all levels. The take home booklet is invaluable. I love Cherry’s voice in person as well as in my head. I can’t get enough reinforcement of all I have learnt. I have attended before and it just gets better. It has reinforced and added more knowledge and ideas to my life.

Julie H

This seminar showed me how to master my state and be at cause. It was interactive, fun, informed, showed lots of examples and I used myself as example too, plus lots of exercises. I have done this seminar twice now and I’m happy to have been given the opportunity to join this session and go over it all again. It is great for self development, goal setting and releasing limited beliefs. The training gave me strategies, and now I know how to spell. There has been a change, a shift in my thinking. I now realise that I have got more concrete strategies to work on and I am looking forward to it.

Eppin I

I loved this entire seminar. There was a balance between information given and personal stories to support it. I have always been curious about NLP, I needed to change what I was doing that wasn’t working for me. I really explored my limiting beliefs and secondary gains. I was able to let go of the negative emotions through Time Line Therapy. Great training.

Robyn B W

I was a chronic pain sufferer looking for any method/strategy to reduce pain and heal myself. I didn’t look for this training, it found mum and mum convinced me! My biggest fear was boredom, more of the same old, motivational crap, which would only lead to a monthly subscription and isolation from ‘real life’. How wrong was I. Cherry made the sessions very easy to understand and follow. There were lots of laughs while uncovering some pretty deep issues. There was a huge amount of content and lots of practical application. I didn’t yawn once! 
You just have to attend! Go in open to see what happens and how you feel.


I was feeling stuck. All the training was fantastic, thank you. To remove my negative emotion of anger was amazing and so necessary.


Before this seminar it felt like I was just travelling through life. I needed some direction and this helped me realise I just needed to clear the obstacles and set my goals to be my true self. I was afraid of exposure and embarrassed to share but I totally enjoyed and shared my experiences with the others attending. Goal setting and the importance of it was a favourite part of the training, as well as clearing the obstacles that I had placed in front of myself. Just do it, it was great!


I decided to attend this seminar because I had some issues that I felt incapable of resolving on my own that were destructive to my life and relationship. I worried that this would be a waste of money.
The best part of the training was Time Line Therapy. Awesome stuff, I am now going to do more!


The pain point that motivated to attend this seminar was feeling like life was not worth living, I was stuck. NOW I know life is great! My favourite part was realising that my brain has the capacity to open up and think. Do the seminar – it will change your whole perspective on life!


I was motivated to do this training out of curiosity about how belief systems and self belief can effect goal setting and the future we create. My biggest fear was that the training could be ‘whakko or esoteric’ and not applicable to my life unless I suspend belief. The only bit I struggled with initially was the ‘before birth’ bit until it was explained as in your imagination.
The favourite bit for me was goal setting, very practical and applicable. My recommendation is to go with an open mind and commit 100%.


My pain point was to control my arthritis. My fear when committing to the training was that I needed to go very deep and I would need longer than the available time to achieve my goal. I enjoyed everything about the whole two days! What a life changing experience, the world would be a better place if we all did it!


I knew I needed to release some negative emotions. My favourite part was anchoring the moment, as this proves to be a positive moment/step into healing me and releasing those emotions. This is a motivational program for releasing negative emotions, replacing with positive reinforcements and allowing me to move forward in a positive direction.


I believed I was not deserving. I held onto the fear of giving myself permission to do something 100% for me. My favourite part was learning that by replacing the negative past memories with positive learnings we can create ongoing change. This training was great, a great gift to yourself. You will tap into what you don’t know and with that a different view on life and lots of new possibilities become possible, You can achieve anything you set your mind to and how much easier it is without negative stuff in the way. We are all worthy of being amazing. Cherry and her team have so much to give and create a safe nurturing and fun environment. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


I had recurring episodes of anxiety and big life decisions to make. I feared that the training wouldn’t help or be worthwhile and that I’d have wasted the weekend and time that I don’t have. I was so glad I made the time though, it has been extremely worthwhile and helpful.
It’s a very personal experience, something you need to experience yourself. I can tell you though that it is practical, theoretical and spiritual, and depending on your own circumstances there are many take aways for everyone!


I was motivated to attend to study strategies and train my brain. I didn’t know what to expect or what I would learn exactly. My favourite part was ALL OF IT! The Cause and Effect part was great. Just do it! Your life is going to change so much I can’t even describe what it’s like. You have to experience the magic yourself, just incredible! Go get em tiger!


I had a limiting belief around money. I had no fear about hiring Inspire & Inform, I trusted the process and embraced it. I loved anchoring, eye patterns, Time Line Therapy and the interaction with the whole group – such rapport! Would I recommend this training? Good question. It is empowering you to take responsibility for your life. It gives you the strategies to make the changes. It is a safe place to change and meet like minded people.


I needed to resolve my insomnia. I was surprised to find that I harboured a ‘fear’ and the outcome was amazing. The joy in the room was amazing. To bring 13 people together, who in the end had a lot of love to give to all. 
You shouldn’t miss this wonderful seminar. Let go of your fears, anxiety, anger and sadness. Become a better version of you!


I came along because I needed to something about my health and wellbeing. I feared that I would not be able to commit 100% but I am actually 100% motivated/committed to achieving my goal – I can do this! To learn how powerful the language that we use and to use the right language is amazing. I t will help me understand the other people in life better and also help me to be better understood. 
Do something for yourself. By helping yourself you are then in a better place to help others. Any barriers/problems you may be experiencing big or small, this training is for you. It will help you in so many areas of your life.


I knew I needed to focus more on me. Would this training meet the expectations of others? Yes! Now I can focus and make decisions for me. Learning to listen to me, use anchors and propel those feelings.
If you are ready to release your inner negative beliefs, I would highly recommend attending this Inspire & Inform Seminar to create the most amazing version of yourself.


This seminar was what I needed. I knew I had to find a better me and improve my way of thinking. 
Not knowing what to expect I feared things would get worse, and that was unfounded! I am so happy I took this course. My favourite part was Time Line Therapy and letting go of the negative emotions. It was so great to just let it go! I came to the seminar with an open mind and it was life changing. It is definitely worth making the changes in your life, face the problems you didn’t know were there and move on. It changes the way you see things and helps you to understand other people’s models of the world. Thank you so much!

Emily R.

I felt stuck in my life and needed a ‘push’. I doubted my ability to ‘keep up’ with the others and look silly but I am so glad I came and I am going to do my utmost to use the things I learned in my life now. I loved everything! Time Line Therapy was amazing and one video in particular resonated with me. This seminar will change your life!

Maxine E.

I had faced a serious health issue and endured the trauma associated with it at the time and afterwards. I feared coming at first, the thought of ‘losing’ it was holding me back but it was so good! Getting rid of those thoughts and emotions that weren’t serving me well was my favourite part. This seminar helps you to recognise and remove anything that limits you from moving forward with your life. It was great and I would recommend it to anyone!

Karla M.

I had been to previous trainings presented by Inspire & Inform and knew the presenters were bloody AWESOME; I cannot get enough of you all! My health and wellbeing is vital and I came away knowing that I will be in my healthy weight range, yes, yes, YES! I loved revisiting what I have done before and also seeing my community members enjoying and participating in this fantastic seminar. It is awesome and you must attend a training.

Helen T.

I knew I had to do this seminar due to the negative emotions in our household and my concern on how this was affecting our relationship and life as well as our children’s future. My husband’s well-being was at risk too. We did this seminar together as a couple, dealing with our own issues. I feared that it wouldn’t help my husband and that didn’t come true. I am sure we have both got a lot out of it. Releasing old negative emotions and learning how to communicate effectively addressed what had been affecting our business and family life. My advice to those thinking about doing this seminar is go for it, what have you got to lose! I am now going to explain to my extended family about Time Line Therapy and release of negative emotions as I am sure we are all carrying ‘stuff/baggage’ around after losing a close family member many years ago. Thank you! I will definitely be in touch, I’m excited to see how this will help my whole family.

Ellen Z.

I decided to do this seminar without really knowing what to expect but I am always looking for ways to improve and work on my self confidence. I really hate getting out of my comfort zone and I quickly realised that I wasn’t the only one! I was pushed to my boundaries a few times and though I still feel my confidence, or lack of, is slowing me, I am sure it will happen. Time Line therapy bought up some memories that had been hidden for a long time, and to release these negative emotions was amazing. It was an entertaining weekend, with lots of self discovery. I’m a work in progress with added skills.

Donna J.

Anger and stress issues were bringing me down and I wanted to be able to be rid of, or, control this better. Carrying this in my life was upsetting my family and me. It was up to me to change and at this seminar I learned how to deal with my issues and become a better person for myself and my family. Time Line Therapy was amazing, so many negative emotions now gone! I strongly recommend that you do this seminar, it will ‘CHANGE’ your life, and it is awesome!

Brett Z.

The local Mental Health and Wellbeing Group were holding this training and I thought I would try it. 
I had been trying different courses over time and thought why not! I believed the result would the same as other courses, I would feel no different and that didn’t come true! I now feel ready to challenge my future. Time Line Therapy, understanding and releasing the barriers to moving forward is invigorating. I’ve given my life meaning and have the security to face any challenges by using the positive anchors I now have in place. Track this training down, participate and commit to it, it will change your life!

Katrina K.

I saw Inspire & Inform’s advert come across my Facebook screen and rang and booked immediately to do the 7 day Practitioner Training in May 2018. It was intuitive, I just knew it was what I wanted to do, I wasn’t really looking for this prior to seeing it but my intuition told me to do it! And to follow up with this seminar in my rural district was too good to miss. Fear! There was no fear, I knew how good it was! I loved experiencing my ‘ah ha moments’ and seeing things so differently. Phenomenal training, it is a game changer!

Cate K.

My anger and negativity was impacting my life and I feared that I would not be able to rid myself of these. How wrong I was, it is gone! This training was presented in a positive and rewarding way, My advice to others is just go and do it, you will be blown away with the results!

Mark Z.

I chose to do this seminar because it was being held in my home town. My biggest fear was that it wouldn’t work. That was certainly a limiting belief, there are already benefits in the way I am now choosing to think, my self- talk and communication with other people. Time Line therapy makes you think about your past, present and future. The seminar and the experience were absolutely unreal, believe you can change and enjoy this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G experience.

Kelsey E.

My self-destructive pattern, affecting my relationships with my friends, children and ex partner was sabotaging any new relationships. I feared I would cry a lot out aloud in front of other participants, instead I now feel at PEACE and it’s a new ‘strange’ feeling to me. But a good feeling. Releasing all those negative emotions with Time Line Therapy was liberating, and then, to learn how to and experience how to, eliminate Anxiety, well all I can say is thank you! Do this seminar, keep an open mind and heart, listen and allow yourself to consider the possibilities.

Rosa F.

Prior to attending this seminar I would look at myself and see a future with underlying issues and query my purpose. The night before fear crept in, I didn’t have much confidence and nearly pulled out. I am so glad I didn’t, I was welcomed and soon felt comfortable and settled into experiencing the weekend to come. I ‘found’ myself and can now look at myself and others. I learned to let go of what I can’t control and the release was liberating. I met new people who were there for similar reasons. Most of all I learned that life can be so different if I choose. Just do it.

Deb Z.

I was over-emotional; looking for clarity around what was making me ‘tick’ and wanting to heal from my past. I was tired and fed up with allowing my past to hold me back. I feared being overwhelmed at the seminar and vulnerable but that didn’t happen. Time Line Therapy and removing those negative emotions was such a release from the past. These techniques really work and Cherry and her assistants are so supportive. I have signed up to their 7 day Practitioner Training, for myself and also to impact others. Thank you.

Lyn T.

I chose to do this seminar looking to move forward in my business. I had no understanding of what the processes involved in the training prior to attending and I am still integrating those changes I experienced. The removal of Limiting Beliefs has led to a greater understanding for me. Do this seminar; you have nothing to lose and more to gain for your best future.


Before coming to this Inspire & Inform seminar I was feeling lost in the world, very unloved and uninspired. I had fallen into a hole of ‘this is just the way life has to be for me’.

Today I’m feeling very inspired, excited, eager and positive. I know the only stopping me is ME! I’m a energetic loving person who has so much to give. I can do anything! My unconscious mind is my best friend and I need to love and talk to it more. Setting goals is going to be my thing from now on! Thank you.

Kirsty G.

Even though I have been to 2 other workshops I have found release Your Limitations is my best one yet! I was able to release some more limitations, I love myself, I am allowed, I am awesome and I am ENOUGH! I am so impressed with everything you present that I have now signed to do the 7 day NLP Practitioner training. Awesome!

Helen T.

I had no idea what to expect but felt very comfortable from the moment I entered the training room. Surprisingly, I could relate to everything! I learned to release negative emotions and limiting decisions. It was a very informative life/business changing event. Something I never thought I would do but “WOW” it is bloody awesome. If you are struggling in any area of life you must do this!

Matthew L.

If you want to change your life, then this is the course and company for you. They have integrity and knowledge beyond any other company I have come across and the wisdom and procedures they pass on to you are of the highest value and it’s FUN!

Attending Release Your Limitations was not so much fear but apprehension about my inadequacies being put on show. I soon realized that my internal dialogue was super negative and can be changed with a bit of effort. Cause and Effect and recognising where I operate from and where I need to make changes to move forward in my life was a favourite part of the training. Goal setting was great and so sensible, simple and sweet! There is no way anyone could not learn something huge about themselves by attending this course. Could even be lots of huge things!

This course confirmed that I have been living at effect and that I should have been using my knowledge I had previously trained in! It is within you to change your life and the language you use is so important. It is inspirationally life changing. You need to experience it for yourself now!

Erin L.

I came to this seminar being very hesitant and nervous. I was afraid to let go because I knew if I did I had no more excuses to lose weight, let go of people who depressed me or put me down. Even though I believed I had no excuses, looking back I really did. Now it makes me sad. I probably haven’t cried so much in a long time which is great and I feel like so many emotions, excuses, blaming etc. have finally GONE! I can finally put a smile on my face and believe I can really do what I want to do. Especially in the area of setting goals, this has got me really motivated to get on with it! A light bulb motion has gone off so I will follow and see where it takes me. The universe has told me something! Thank you very very much.

Gaye C.

Wow! I knew and hoped this would bring clarity to my life and give me a chance to catch up on the life that I felt was whirling around me, but not really, truly living it. AND IT HAS! I believe in myself and what I can achieve. One of my goals is to make a difference in the world and for myself and my family to live long, happy, healthy lives. I have a vision for this now and know that I am the one to make this happen. I am the one ‘response able’ and I will achieve what I focus on! I can’t wait to get into it but I also want to do more!! Thank you.

Meagan L.

Attending Release Your Limitations was not so much fear but apprehension about my inadequacies being put on show. I soon realized that my internal dialogue was super negative and can be changed with a bit of effort. Cause and Effect and recognising where I operate from and where I need to make changes to move forward in my life was a favourite part of the training. Goal setting was great and so sensible, simple and sweet! There is no way anyone could not learn something huge about themselves by attending this course. Could even be lots of huge things!

Cameron E.

I questioned: How do I get listened to by my team, how do I resolve discord in my life? How do I understand the incongruency within? I needed to remove the charge behind the anger. I was confused with what to do with knowledge and experience but what was the purpose? I needed a different perspective on how others learn and how I communicate.

I loved working one on one with Karen. The results based training/activities/sessions and experience was great. Watching and observing NLP in action and seeing the differences and changes was fantastic. I want to learn more! Taking action and winning $2K in vouchers for $25 was awesome. Try it for yourself – this is Results based Training at its best.

Angela S.

I had done Release Your Kilos training previously but each time I discover new ways to improve my outlook to achieve my goals. Every time I listen to the recordings I hear something new to support my change in life. Release Your Limitations has allowed me to broaden my approach to making my life the best it can be. I have now signed up to do my 7 day NLP Practitioner training. Thank you and keep doing what you do so well.

Beth F.

Release Your Limitations Seminar got me back on track. I was so self conscious, limited and felt unworthy. I released some of my limitations, then there was still doubt and fear. This training has clarified many points. It has shown me that I am in control of my life and can achieve anything! It was so LIBERATING! This course has taught me how to set and see my future goals in such a positive way, that I am now so excited for my future. I thoroughly recommend this to everyone.

Ros A.

(footnote – Ros went on to do her NLP Practitioner Training and has also completed her Master Practitioner Training and is currently using these skills in her job in the area of education in schools)

Attending Release Your Limitations was not so much fear but apprehension about my inadequacies being put on show. I soon realized that my internal dialogue was super negative and can be changed with a bit of effort. Cause and Effect and recognising where I operate from and where I need to make changes to move forward in my life was a favourite part of the training. Goal setting was great and so sensible, simple and sweet! There is no way anyone could not learn something huge about themselves by attending this course. Could even be lots of huge things!

Mary H.

I knew right from the start that this seminar would be really interesting. I released limiting decisions. Long term ideas that I thought were facts are just values that have been adopted through life experiences. It is really interesting to learn the unlimited potential that we have when we learn how to use our brain. If everyone could use their brain to its full potential the world would be an absolutely amazing place!

Gillian M.

I had an open mind so had no fears about attending this seminar. I learned about Time Line Therapy, the brain structure and discovered some core blockers with staff members at work. This training is an experience into your unknown

Poli P.