What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, provides practical ways in which you can change the way that you think, view past events, and approach your life.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming shows you how to take control of your mind, and therefore your life.

Taking Control of Your Mind:

NLP works from the starting point that you may not control everything in your life, but you can always take control of what goes on in your head.

Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are not things that are, or that you have, but things that you do. Where those thoughts, feelings and emotions have come from could be from comments you have received or they could be based on beliefs we have taken on board causes can from your parents or teachers, other influences or events that you have experienced.

NLP shows you how you can take control of these beliefs and influences. Using mind techniques that we teach in our seminars and trainings you can change the way that you think and feel about past events, fears and even phobias.

Imagine you are going for a job interview, or have to have a difficult conversation or are just in a situation that you know having more confidence would be great.

Try this:

‘Brilliance Squared’

  • Take an emotion that you would like to feel, for example confidence. Imagine a coloured square in front of you filled with the colour that you associate with that emotion.
  • Pretend you can see yourself standing in that square, filled with that emotion. Notice how you would stand, the look on your face, everything about you when you are really feeling that emotion.
  • Now, take a step into that imaginary ‘you’. Really feel the feeling spreading through your body. Repeat this 4-5 times, or until you can easily feel that emotion.
  • Now, think of a situation coming up for you where this emotion would be useful. As you are thinking of that situation step into the imaginary coloured square. How does the situation you are thinking about change?.



NLP is a very powerful technique based on the power of your own mind. By learning NLP, you can learn to take control of your mind and how you respond to the world.

“You may not be able to control the world, but you can control how you react to it.”