Release Your Kilos

A journey of transformation

I want to invite you on a journey…

Release Your Kilos is designed specifically to help you lose weight, keep it off, and drastically improve your confidence.

This journey is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, even if you think you can’t possibly change, or that these techniques couldn’t work for you, or that you don’t think you have what it takes to succeed, you can still see life changing results with this program.


This is NOT going to be a program where we talk about what to eat and how to exercise. As I said before, it’s not about that, yet.

Most weight loss programs like to say thinks like “All you have to do is eat these certain foods in this certain order and everything will be OK”, OR “Do these couple of exercises in this particular way and it will work better than anything else”.

These are all empty promises that inevitably always fail because they don’t get to the root of what’s going on.

This program will not be like those programs.

If that’s the type of program that you’re looking for then I would suggest not continuing any further. The truth is that those programs all miss what’s really going on unconsciously that is preventing you from losing weight and feeling strong, confident and happy in your body.

What this program consists of:

Release Your Kilos takes you through a 4 step process that covers the most important areas that need to be addressed in order for you to eliminate the things that are blocking you from losing weight. And to create the unconscious patterns that need to be developed so that every decision and action you take on a daily basis is leading you towards exactly what YOU want.

Step 1 – Responsibility & Reality

Module # 1 – Responsibility

To have a fresh start we need to first understand why we do what we do. By the end of this step you will understand how you are unconsciously creating your own future. But if the results in life are not what you want… then you have to learn how to create them differently. It all starts with understanding how we make certain things happen… and fail to make others happen.

Module #2 – Reality

The majority of people’s problems are problems of perception. This misalignment with the truth can become so ingrained that people mistake it for reality (when it’s not). The good news is, when every cell of your body is ALIGNED towards weight loss you begin to live the life others only dream of.

By the end of Step 1 you will understand your reality and be able to take responsibility for the major actions you need to take to give you complete alignment, clarity and fulfilment in your life.

Step 2 – Realisation & Reflection

Module #3 – Realisation

The conscious/unconscious mind conflict or incongruency hugely affects our behaviour and actions. According to Dr. Kappas’ Theory of Mind our conscious mind controls up to 12% and our unconscious 88% so when it comes to the vote the 88% will win every time. Realising our unconscious processes, or our automatic processes, allows us to align our minds and create congruency to achieve our desired weight loss goals.

Module #4 – Reflection

Reflecting on the “benefits” we receive from NOT overcoming our weight problems which may be outside our conscious awareness is an important mechanism in why we stay stuck.

We go deep into the unconscious reasons we may have been holding on to the weight.

At the end of Step 2 you will understand what has hindered you in the past, what has been holding you back from achieving your ideal weight. You will understand your full story and know that it is just a story that you can rewrite.

Step 3 – Release & Repair

Module #5 – Release

This is a very transformative process where we clear those negative emotions and limiting beliefs you have about yourself and set you up for success.

Module #6 ‐ Repair

You’ll repair and rewrite your story influencing your behaviour to shape it the way you want it to carry you towards your goals.

At the end of Step 3 you will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders (and it has).

Step 4 – Recognise & Reward

Module #7 – Recognise

In Module 7 you finally understand lapses and what they really are. Now you recognize it for what it is, and never let things get out of control. You will recognise your triggers and will know how to respond. You have learnt how to deal with it. That little voice in your head will be your ally now, no longer a foe.

Module #8 – Reward

Reward yourself for how much you’ve accomplished. You have made changes and already come a long way. You have the know‐how and the commitment – and you know you can achieve your goals because you have made huge progress in just two days.

After Step 4 you will have mastered the 3 forgotten secrets to Weight Loss Success and know intrinsically that your future path is set up only for success.

The Revolutionary 4 Step Weight Loss Breakthrough

With Release Your Kilos! I finally found a simple and extremely effective way to both find and change what was controlling my ability to lose weight on a deep unconscious level.


This is a CONTENT PACKED 2 day seminar that will show you how to figure out what is going on in YOU that is preventing you from releasing weight, and just as importantly, what is holding you back from feeling comfortable and confident in your body…

It will give you a much deeper understanding and more importantly, level of control, over the unconscious things that make it challenging to release weight.

During this 2 day seminar which includes a pre‐seminar workbook, you will learn:

  • Why focusing on food and exercise first is completely WRONG when it comes to losing weight.
  • The specific hormone that most people are overloaded with that ruins any chance of losing weight (and how to control it)
  • How to reprogram your brain and your body so that they switch from fat storing to fat burning mode.
  • Specific steps to get to the root of what is preventing you from losing weight easily.
  • And much much more.

By now you’re likely seeing just how powerful Release Your Kilos will be for you.

Release Your Kilos! works more effectively than any other technique I’ve ever seen. That’s why the 2 day seminar by itself is valued at $1295.

Now if I charged that amount I think most people would say it was completely fair…

But I want to make it even better for you, and I’ll tell you why.

I understand what it’s like to be frustrated with weight loss, to feel like you just want to be comfortable in your own skin and to not be able to find a solution that works.

I understand the frustration and despair that comes with feeling like maybe I just can’t lose weight and that I’ll continue to put on weight for my whole life.

I went through some really tough times with my weight and one big thing that I learned from that experience is how appreciative I am to have what I have now, to feel that way I feel in my body.

Which is why I’m so passionate about helping others to be able to do the same…

The full Release Your Kilos! program with the pre‐seminar workbook, chock‐full intensive, interactive, content packed 2 day Seminar, Workbook, follow‐up coaching, and access to the Release Your Kilos! community, for a limited time is only $695.

Yet today you’re not going to have to pay anywhere close to that. It get’s even better…

I’m making three payment options available.

With the first option I’ve broken up the $695 amount into four monthly payments.

An initial payment of only $95 today and then 3 equal payments of $200… so the only investment you have to make today, to attend the Release Your Kilos! seminar and receive your pre‐seminar booklet, is $95.

With the second option you pay $170 today and then 2 equal payments of $250, totalling $670 and saving you $25.

And with the third option, you can pay just one payment in full of $645, saving you a full $50!

I want to give you the option to pick what’s right for you because I want you to be able to join this transformational program that I know will help you…

And on top of that, it’s very important for me that you feel completely safe in your decision. I want you to know without a doubt that this is a smart decision that is going to work for you.

So on top of this simple payment plan, I also want you to take advantage of my unconditional guarantee…

Join Release Your Kilos! and if you’re not happy with your results after a full 3 months, and you’ve done the tasking, I’ll gladly refund every penny.

Download Release Your Kilos PDF. Download Enrolment Form PDF.

3 Month Money Back Guarantee

guaranteeIf you’re not 100% satisfied, we don’t expect, or want, to keep your money. Simply notify us by calling us or emailing us within 90 days and return the products and we’ll give you your money back.

Also, if you act now…
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bonus12 Week access to Series 1 of The Token System ~ Lifestyle & Weight Management Solution valued at $240

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That brings your total value up to $1,879.

Yet, if you act now, it’s all yours for just one discounted payment today of $95 and then 3 addditional payments of $200…

Or you can choose one of the other two payment options and get an even further discount.

You’ll get to be part of a supportive group that will guide you to creating the body, the beliefs, and the confidence you want to create a life beyond anything you’ve ever imagined was possible for yourself.

So go ahead and click one of the “add to cart” buttons below to get started. And get ready for an amazing journey of transformation.

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